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Eric Canto - Highway Sunrise (Acoustic Version)
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Highway Sunrise (Acoustic Version) - Eric Canto


—- Highway Sunrise (Acoustic Version). —- 

Summer, as you close your lush lips 

You residue mist on the tops of window sills 

As I sit still and think of things I’ll miss 

But at your start, the sky scorched right through my insides 

I still think about those nights 


Warm wind days, will you stay? 

I’m a wreck and awash with waves to pull me to sea 

As our hearts litter this beach 


Can you feel the butterflies in your gut? 

Are they pushing for your mouth as much as mine are? 

Stay awake for sleepy hands to dead legs, 

To my hands pressed against your chest 

And you can curl your lips and your hips all over me right then 

Kiss me again 


Can you feel this? 

Highway sunrise, scorch right through my insides


The whole world has been against her. She’s become more of a punch line than a celebrity. Instead of celebrating with Lindsay about the small victories as you should with any type of addict (my step father was an alcoholic for 10 years) people have joked about how she can’t do it. I would cry too if someone finally told me to celebrate after spending so long being a joke.

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